Training Schools

COST FA1405  Training School “Meta-analysis”

There will be a Training School, given by Prof. Julia Koricheva (Royal Holloway, U. London),  on how to perform meta-analysis on the 27-9 July 2016, at SCENE (the University of Glasgow Field Station: on the shores of beautiful Loch Lomond ( in Scotland.  The goal is to provide background and hands-on experience for performing meta-analysis of research data. The course will cover database structure, analysis types and programs, and common pitfalls in meta-analyses  (for the programme click HERE).

There is funding to pay for 24 attendees, and room for five attendees who pay their own way.  All COST funded attendees will receive a flat rate of €390 to reimburse the cost of transport, and room and board will be covered on Wednesday (27 July) and Thursday (28 July).  Attendees will be required to share a room at the field station (or pay an additional £10 for a single room).

If you are interested in attending please send the following information to Alison Bennett (
Affiliation (institution) and country
Career stage (PhD student, post-doc (+ how many years post PhD), lecturer, etc.)
No more than 100 words describing how this workshop will benefit you.